The Fleurieu Peninsula (pronounced fler-ee-er) was named by Nicolas Baudin in 1802 not long before he met Matthew Flinders at Encounter Bay in April of that year.

Both explorers were engaged in mapping the coast of New Holland, as Australia was known at the time, Baudin from the west and Flinders from the east. Although their countries were at war at the time the meeting in Encounter Bay was perfectly civilized and peaceful.

The name commemorates Count Charles Pierre Claret de Fleurieu (1738-1810) who became a member of the Marine Guards when he was thirteen and half.

The name, Fleurieu Peninsula, came into official use in 1911 in response to a recommendation to the South Australian Government from the royal Geographical Society of SA.


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  • Above:  Blowhole Creek, Deep Creek Conservation Park  -  Photo Credit:  Richard Kozuszco

  • Above:  Port Willunga Old Jetty  -  Photo Credit: SATC

  • Above:  Second Vally  -  Photo Credit: Richard Kozuszco

  • Above:  Leafy Sea Dragon, Rapid Bay  -  Photo Credit:  Carl Charter

  • Above:  Sellicks Hill  -  Photo Credit:  Peter Barnes

  • Above:  Swimming and Boating  -  Photo Credit:  Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism

  • Above:  Surfers on Waitpinga Beach  -  Photo Credit:  Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism

  • Above:  Surfing Competition, Waitpinga Beach  -  Photo Credit:  Surfing South Australia