Robyn Stacey − Ray of Light

At South Coast Regional Art Centre, Goolwa

Thursday 7 May - Sunday 14 June 2020
10:00am-4:00pm Save to calendar

STACEY Tear Drop Garden Carrick Hill resizedUsing the camera obscura, Sydney-based artist Robyn Stacey depicts South Australia as it has never been seen before.
From Latin meaning dark room, the camera obscura is an optical device of wonder, whereby the external world is trapped and inverted within the room.

‘The magic of the camera obscura is that it makes us question what we take for granted – the everyday experience is presented upside down and in reverse, mimicking the way an image forms on the retina. In some photographs, cars drive over the ceiling and the sky and clouds cover the floor... it’s like being in a movie where you are in the world but removed from it at the same time,’ says Stacey.

The regional South Australian tour of Robyn Stacey: Ray of Light is presented in partnership with Country Arts SA, the Art Gallery of South Australia and the Regional Galleries Association of South Australia. 

Things to know A live camera obscura can be experienced at Cadell Street Studio for the duration of the exhibition. Appointments essential



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