Things to Do

Communities in the district range from coastal seaside villages to historic inland towns. All of which have their own distinct character, beauty and things to experience. 

We have award winning wine regions with varieties and flavours as different as the places they are grown. 

Eat out at one of the numerous cafes, restaurants, wineries or hotels - you will find most establishments proudly using and selling local produce. 

There are many varied trails in our region. If you like to ride a bike, go bird watching, walking, or following your taste buds on a fresh produce, wine or art trail you will be delighted at what is in our back yard throughout this picturesque region. 

With Lake Alexandrina, the Coorong National Park, safe swimming beaches and serious surfing beaches this region is a mecca for any water sport that takes your fancy.

We hope this  tempts you to read on for a detailed listing of all the things to do in one of the most beautiful places in South Australia.

Now that you have decided to visit let’s give you a taste of the many things there are to do:



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