Anita Robin, The Foodbuilder

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Personally designed cooking classes for your enjoyment - in Anitas kitchen!


Anita Robin, a professional cooking teacher with a master's degree in cooking and nutrition, offers customized cooking classes tailored to individual preferences. Her expertise spans a wide range, from vegetarian and bread-making to fine dining. Under the "Foodbuilder Anita" banner, she invites culinary enthusiasts to indulge in a 4-hour flavour-filled journey, complete with a light lunch and a take-home recipe booklet. With Swiss and Australian nationalities, Anita has a rich background in hospitality education and the hospitality industry. Her mission is to provide exceptional food and service experiences in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Anita is dedicated to delivering top-quality culinary education, ensuring every participant learns how to prepare unique and delicious dishes.

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