Newman's Horseradish Farm and Rusticana Wines

Attractions Langhorne Creek


Hours: 7 days, 10am - 5pm

Phone 8537 3086

Wine Varieties: Rusticana Cabernet, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Durif, Pinot Grigio and Sparkling Durif.


Since early last century Newman’s Horseradish has been available in South Australia. The Original Red Label Horseradish is one of South Australia’s food icons.

In 1947 the business was purchased by the Meakins family from Fred Newman. Production continued at Tea Tree Gully until 1985 when Brian Meakins bought land at Langhorne Creek. The property on the banks of the Bremer River offered the deep black alluvial loam needed for the Horseradish. A factory for processing was completed in 1992. Using the original recipe, Brian and Anne Meakins and their staff carry out all stages of production. This business is a true example of value adding.

Also located on site is the cellar door for Rusticana Wines. Varieties include Durif, Zinfandel, Cabernet, Shiraz and Pinot Grigio. Light lunches available.

Map & Directions

Lake Plains Road, Langhorne Creek, South Australia 5255 Australia