Cottage Collectables

Antiques Strathalbyn


Hours: Monday & Friday 9am - 5.30pm, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 11am to 5pm



Cottage Collectables trading in antiques, collectables and fine art.

If you want the unique, unusual and something different, Cottage Collectables is the most likely place to find it. You could find Chinese ration coupons, train & railway memorabilia, navy uniforms and door stops to Clarice Cliff fine china or just a wooden box. There are many paintings as well as prints by the amateur to well known artists, present and past.

We have old Bibles, Russian Icons, ships compasses, Royal Doulton figurines, oil lamps, furniture and far more than can be listed here.

If you are downsizing or selling something, Cottage Collectables is just as happy buying suitable items as selling them.

It is the best biggest little shop in Strathalbyn.

Map & Directions

4 Swale Street, Strathalbyn South Australia 5255, Australia