Hours: 10am - 3pm, 7 days Goolwa Riverboat Centre only, Cruising - see dates in Description

PS Oscar W is an authentic wood fired paddlesteamer based at the historic Goolwa Wharf.

Cruises onboard the PS Oscar W are available on selected dates each month. See the booking tab for the next available cruise date.


Cruise the lower Murray River on the historic wood fired heritage paddle steamer in the Riverport of Goolwa.

One Hour Cruise (charters also available)
Enjoy a unique river experience from the decks of the PS Oscar W, watch the stokers fire the boiler and see the original steam engine at work; feel the heat of the huge boiler and the vibrations as the paddle wheels turn. Step up onto the top deck, see the wheel house and talk to the officers on the bridge.

Chat with the crew about the boat and its history or just enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee and listen to the Skipper's commentary embracing the history of the area and sites of interest on the cruise.

Step back in time at the Goolwa Riverboat Centre
From 1853 to 1914 the Riverport of Goolwa was a thriving ship building centre. Ship building for the Murray River began in Goolwa and some 60 paddlesteamers and barges were built here. Goolwa was the only place on the Murray Darling system where complete vessels were built - hulls, engines, boilers, paddle wheels - the lot.

Visit the Goolwa Riverboat Centre and browse historic photographs of many of these vessels, see the scale models of many paddlesteamers and watch the past unfold in historic video presentations. View the Beam Engine that hauled vessels up the slipway at the shipyards and enjoy the interpretive panels on the Coorong Wetlands. Entry is free, river themed souvenirs and paddlesteamer cruise bookings are also available.

This authentic, wood fired, fully operational Paddle Steamer is moored at the Historic Wharf Precinct in Goolwa.

Short cruises are offered on selected dates through out the year.

Cruising Dates:
Sunday 12.01.20
Saturday08.02.20 Lunch Cruise to Clayton $70pp
Sunday 16.02.20
Sunday 01.03.20
Sunday 15.03.20
Saturday21.03.20 Lunch Cruise to Clayton $70pp
Saturday18.04.20 Lunch Cruise to Clayton $70pp
Sunday 19.04.20
Saturday09.05.20 Lunch Cruise to Clayton $70pp
Saturday13.06.20 Lunch Cruise to Clayton $70pp

Map & Directions

Goolwa Wharf , Goolwa, SA, 5214, Australia

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